Basement Finishing – Does it Help the Value of My Home (Atlanta0

Many people when deciding whether or not to finish their basement in their home weigh their options. Is it for entertainment, kids, or investment. We discuss a variety of opinions and industry knowledge to know how it can effect your bottom line and if it is worth the investment.

Reasons to Finish a Basement
Or at least the one’s we have heard
Their are many reasons to finish your basement. Their are a variety or reasons and opinions on when and why you should.

Extra Space – Tired of having the treadmill in your bedroom? Are the holiday decorations and keepsakes over the years starting to creep out of the attic or closet into your living space? A basement can definitely provide you with more room for your spacing needs. Depending on what you are working with some plan for their basement to have additional storage space for their items. Their are two options you have. Finish the storage room or leave a portion of your basement unfinished for storage.

Leaving the basement Unfinished:
Pros : Save money on remodeling and finishing cost.
Cons: Can reduce the value your basement pulls and breaks the flow.

In our opinion it is what fits you. If leaving the space can save you money and you don’t mind then it is the wisest choice from a cost stand point. Although finishing the room allows for you to have more options like custom shelving solutions and more to help with your storage needs.


Need the space to throw parties or entertain family and friends. A basement allows you to have more freedom to have things like pool tables, movie rooms, custom bars/kitchens and more. This is […]